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 LAND TOURS & CRUISES Exclude Airtickets from your point of departure.

We are represent worldwide land tours from 3 to 5* Standard in Malaysia / Singapore / South East Asia / China / Asia / Australia, New Zealand, Europe & USA. Call us for :-




EUROPEAN TOURS - Cosmo, Contiki, Insight, Tralfagar, EuroRail, MiniTel

USA - Grey Hound, Sky Trek, Trek America, Harvest Holidays, Brewster

AUSTRALIA - Flag Inns, Australia Pacific Tours, ETA, ATM, Au Vacation

NEW ZEALAND - Newmans Tour, Tiki Tours, Kirra Tour

INDIA - Incredible India, Ranjit's, MutuMike

JAPAN - Sogo, Tokyo Asean Holidays

HONG KONG - Ann's, Holiday World, United, Winn

CHINA - Golden Palace, Golden Bridge, Beijing Youth, CITS, Comfort

TAIWAN - Jolly, Anson

THAILAND - Forever, Saen Sanuk, GTM

INDONESIA - BMW, Bataco, Bali Media,




Please email to us for all your land tour requirements / number of passengers / departure day / how many days & nights in your selected destinations and our will staff will attend to all your requirements.