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What is this? Youthful Traveller Version? Simply means, for those in collage or the undergrads and even parents who reckon they belong to the youthful bunch! May hop on this coach. It is planned to be in the fun-filled, budget category.

We use budget class hotels, twin sharing yet still equipped with private facilities. There are even nine proper western and Chinese meals included. On your first day, you cannot but witness that difference we exude, totally unlike the rest of the competition.

Day 1 London / Calais / Brussels / Wavre - ( Chinese Dinner )


Early morning at 7.30, meet at Euston Station in London, for departure by coach to Dover Port. Our P/O ferry will sail at around noon time. In late afternoon, we disembark at Calais. Your trusty coach will soon take you in to Belgium. Entering Brussels, stop at the Atomium and the Chinese Pavilion both, built for the 1958 World Fair. Follow your tour manager, through the Grand Place surrounded by gold-gilded gables, say " hello " to the child hero: Manneken Pis. This evening, we spend our night in the township of Wavre.

Day 2 Fullday tour to Holland - ( Continental Breakfast / Chinese Lunch)

After breakfast, prepare yourself for a treat, to the Pancake Country of the Dutch. Holland and her capital Amsterdam. We visit the canal-laced city of Amsterdam, we board an informative cruise on a glass-domed boat. Cruise alongside the 16-17 century merchant houses and homes, there is no better way to soak in the atmosphere that is uniquely Dutch. At Gassan, we see how raw stones are polished into sparkling gems, the skills on which so much of the prosperity of Holland depends on. In the factory of Clare Marie Amstelveen, discover where have all the 3 million pairs of wooden shoes gone, perhaps purchase one for yourself before we tour the factory. Of course, we do not miss the charm of the countryside where the Windmills still work.

Day 3 Wavre / Luxembourg / Heidelberg area - ( Continental Breakfast / Western Dinner )

Luxembourg is a Grand - duchy, an independent country with a population of about 400,000 and an area of 2586 sq. km. We visit the city, which occupies a dramatic and commanding site on a high bluff above the narrow valleys of the Aklzette and the Petrusse. Because of its strategic location, it was for many centuries one of the strongest fortresses in Europe, with ramparts and casemates lining the rim of the precipitous cliffs. Here it offers a fine view of over the city. Stroll along the Rue Notre Dame and the Hotel de Ville, to Place Guillaume with many churches and also the Biblio Nationale and Cathedral. If you are a coin or stamp collector, here is your chance to get some of the latest stamp designs. Continue to Germany, the Student Prince city of Heidelberg, where time is spent on the Hauptstrasse for window browsing and to enjoy the Student City. Not far above the valley of the Neckar, is the 13C old red sandstone castle and its huge balcony.

Day 4  Romantic route  / Wies / Reutte -  ( Continental Breakfast / Western Dinner )

You enter the Romantic Road, we shall pick the segment starting from the lower Bavaria. It is one of the most famous of the German Vacation Routes. Wends its way from Wuerzburg to Fussen, a total of over 220-mile stretch journey from the River Main to the Alps, this route offers what is simply one of the most beautiful and most engaging melange of scenery, cuisine and ambience Germany can offer. Short stop at the remarkable church of Weis. See the master creation of Dominikus Zimmermann, whose work is today is included in the UNESCO's list of Cultural Heritage Buildings and achieves international recognition. Your will be awe-struck as you visit this jewel of a church that is a quintessential Rococo example at it's best. Notably known as the "Church of Scourge Saviour". On 14th June 1738, the miracle of Wies took place, when that the statue was seen to shed tears. From then on, it marked the beginning of Pilgrimage. Later, we continue to the end of the Romantic Route, coming face to face with the diamond on the crown, that fantastic New Swan Castle. This seemingly a pendant made from ivory onto the Alps, is spectacular just to view from afar, let alone to wander amongst its grounds and walls. You will have the entire afternoon to enjoy an outdoor hike, we promise you lungs of fresh air and exhilarating views.


Day 5 Reutte / Innsbruck / Venice area -  ( Continental Breakfast / Chinese Dinner )

Short drive away, we stop at the winter ski resort - Innsbruck. Surrounded by the awe inspiring Alpine mountains, often snow-capped in Spring, Innsbruck is indeed a jewel in its own accord. The city hosted two winter Olympic games and has since never ceased to improve her status. Stop by the old centre this morning, to marvel at the 3500 pieces of gilded copper plates, also known as " the golden roof ", it is an impressive sight, for it was, the stage of Emperor Maximilian who wished " to see and been seen " by his subjects as he stood on his balcony during the 1500. Not far from here is the Arch de Triumph ; the Hofkirche mausoleum, the Hofburg Royal Palace built by Maria Theresa and a host of splendid Baroque buildings. Driver through the region of Tyrol, at the famous Austrian Europa Bridge, we recall the tragic incident to those who risked lives to create this highest viaduct in Europe some 50 years ago. The next stop is Venice, our stop for two Romantic evenings.

Day 6 A day in Venice / Rovigo -  ( Continental Breakfast / Western Dinner )

The romantic of Venice is all yours today. There is so much to see and to do, are you not glad that you have the entire day to savour this water city? At Troncetto, take one of the ferries to cruise along the grand canal. Get off either at St. Mark Square or to Rialto Bridge, made popular by the play from William Shakespeare " the Merchant of Venice ". Though one may not find as many unscrupulous merchants around nowadays but the merchandise that are displayed along the maze like allies are most tempting indeed. Visit the Laguna glass blowing factory and you will see why the art of Glass sculpture is still so much alive in Venice. Orientation walk with your tour manager, not forgetting the St. Mark's square, with the Winged Lion and statue of St. Mark, not too far from the petite Bridge of Sigh. Return to hotel after a wonderful day in the Water city.


Day 7 Venice / Florence / Rome -  ( Continental Breakfast )

Once along the Highway of the Sun, we speed southwards, towards the great PO plain and the Garden of Italy - Tuscany. The abundant of orchards, spreading as far as the eyes could see, one often fills with amazement on such extensive farming project. In the early Autumnal sun, the golden apples and pears, peaches and plums, apricots and nectarines, with the grapes, are all ready for the factories, canneries and the distilleries, it is almost as mind boggling to comprehend the task to harvest them. Yet the Italians did it year after year. Florence's great historical and artistic treasure is exhibited not only in her monuments, her churches; her manor houses, but also in her water and her air. In fact the entire city exudes intoxicating artistic aroma that only by living here forever is the only solution to satisfy the real connoisseur of antiquity. We have a panoramic view of this open air museum from the great balcony of Michelangelo hill before heading for the handicraft market, by Peruzzi leather factory before setting off for another great city - the eternal Rome.

Day 8 Rome / Vatican - ( Continental Breakfast / Chinese Dinner )

An early start to our Roman discovery. Follow the leader, on his/her guided insights into one of Europe's earliest powers - the illustrious Roman Empire. Tour of the city includes the ancient Roman Amphitheatre - the Colosseum, the Presidential Palace on Quirinal Hill, followed by the Trevi Fountain, Piazza Venezia, Circus Maximus and the Monument of Victor Emmanuel II, regarded as the Father of Modern United Italy. Walk through St. Peter's Square and the Vatican City, the smallest sovereign state in the world. Not to be missed is a place to bask in the Roman atmosphere, right in Navona Square. Here, Bernini's art live in perpetuity, displayed proudly in the centre is his " Fountain of four Rivers". For those with a sweet tooth, take this opportunity to taste Italy's famous Tatufu ice-cream.


Day 9 Rome / Pisa / Turin area -  ( Continental Breakfast / Western Dinner )

Reluctantly leaving Rome, but ahead of you, is yet another treasures of Italy. The famous Pisa and her leaning Tower. The old world wonder, the religious centre of this city owns three amazing monuments, completely decorated with white marble from the Carrara quarries, are certainly breadth stopping. This work of art is not only exhibited on its exquisite exterior, we beckon you to explore the Baptistery as well as the Cathedral, you will be overwhelmed with awe by the intricacy of stone works. This evening, we settled down into the foot of the Italian Alps high up in the region of Piemonte.


Day 10 Turin area / Paris - ( Continental Breakfast / Chinese Dinner )

Depart early today, for our route takes us in to France, via the townships and cities of Chambery; Grenoble; and Lyon for the most scintillating city in the world - Paris. (Winter period, overnight will be in Auxerre city)

Day 11 Paris city tour  -  ( Continental Breakfast )
Our trusty coach and tour manager are both ready to show you first hand this morning, the most glamorous cities in the world. The tour reveals the splendour and historical events of the jewel city. We see Notre Dame, one of the most beautiful churches in the world and a masterpiece of medieval art. The Arc de Triomphe, Champs-Elysees, Place de la Concorde, Trocadero Gardens, the Opera House and the Grande Dame of Paris - Eiffel. In the later part of the day, why not hop on the Bateaux Mouche, for a cruise on the river belt of Paris - River Seine ?


Day 12 Paris - two visit on free and easy -  ( Continental Breakfast )

A day free for more Tour of Paris with various major sights on your own. Our coach will drop you off in two places, firstly Lourve in the morning and in the afternoon, at Versailles. This allows those who are keen in Arts and Sightseeing to make the best of the time in Paris. Entrances are not included. Those who are shoppers, why not shopping till you drop in the numerous duty free stores , or simply take it easy for the day.

Entrances to Lourve and Versailles to be paid on the spot.


Day 13 Paris / Calais / London - ( Continental Breakfast )

All too soon, as we board our P/O ferry back to the good ole English soil where your tour ends upon arrival in to London.